Training for Strategic Planning


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Under a grant from the Office for Victims of Crime, NAVAA conducted the "NAVAA Training for Strategic Planning" project. This project provided training and technical assistance to six states/territories pursuing victim services' strategic planning. The following materials were utilized in the project and have been supplemented with additional information and materials to assist all states in their strategic planning efforts.

Strategic Planning Toolkit
Introduction and Table of Contents
Section 1. Prepare
Section 2. Assess
Section 3. Create
Section 4. Implement
Section 5. Communicate
Section 6. Evaluate
Appendix A. Reading List
Appendix B. Federal Grant Funding Resources
Appendix C. Five Initiatives
[The Strategic Planning Toolkit was developed by OVC Training and Technical Assistance Center. These files are in pdf format. Click here to download the free Adobe reader.]

Project Presentations
(all are powerpoints unless otherwise indicated)

Supplemental Materials/Information

Arizona "Strategic Planning and Measuring Performance for Crime Victim Services," Feb. 2006


GAO, "Performance Budgeting; States Experience Can Inform Federal Efforts," Feb. 2005

Delaware Final Strategic Plan [Word]

Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence Strategic Plan [PDF-1.4mb]

  • Part 1 - Overview [PDF]
  • Part 2 - Mission and Vision [PDF]
  • Part 3 - Assessments [PDF]
  • Part 4 - Strategic Goals, Implementing/Communicating Strategic Plan, Cultural Considerations [PDF]
  • Part 5 - Values [PDF]

Core Components of Strategic Plan - Anne Seymour [Word]

Focus Groups: An Important Tool for Strategic Planning - Anne Seymour [Word]

List of Strategic Planning Websites

Washington State's Request for Strategic Planning Consultant [Word]

Arkansas Needs Assessment Surveys

  • Community Leader Survey [Word]
  • Law Enforcement Survey [Word]
  • Prosecution Survey [Word]
  • Victim Services Survey [Word]
  • Regional Meeting Pre- and Post-Evaluation [Word]

New Hampshire Survey Tool, Dec. 2003 [Word]

Oregon Needs Assessment documents

Washington State Strategic Plan for Victim Services

  • Final Strategi Plan for Victim Services [Word]
  • Full Survey [Word]
  • Victim Survey [Word]
  • Focus Group Questions - Providers [Word]
  • Focus Group Questions - Victims [Word]
  • Interview Questions - Providers [Word]
  • Interview Questions - Victims [Word]

"Training for Strategic Planning" Project

The information below was made available for the six states selected to participate in the "Training for Strategic Planning" project.

Teams from the six selected states received training on strategic planning using the OVC Strategic Planning Toolkit, which was developed by consultants and victim service professionals specifically for VOCA victim assistance programs (though can be easily used by other victim service providers.

The six states were selcted on a competitive basis. They are:

California Iowa
Delaware New Jersey
Hawaii Washington

Under direction of Project Director Anne Seymour, faculty included:

  • Aurelia Sands Belle, Justice Solutions, Inc.
  • Mario Gaboury, Director, Univ. of New Haven Crime Victims Center
  • Roi Holt, consultant
  • Bill McCoy, The McCoy Company
  • Larry Tackman, Director, New Mexico Crime Victim Reparations Commission
  • Bill Woodward, Director, Training and Technical Assistance, Univ. of Colorado- Boulder Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

The following materials were made available for team members to view and/or download:

  • Participant Directory [Word][PDF] updated 11/13/03
  • Agenda [Word][PDF]
  • Draft TTA Needs; 6- and 12-month goals [Word] updated 11/13/03